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British Flowers

Well happily, the sun has started to shine in Buckinghamshire, and all the flowers have responded by bursting forth!

Some more dahlias have emerged over the last few days. Only one or 2 here and there, but they are absolute beauties and a really encouraging sign of what is to come later in the season. Last year the flower that I fell utterly in love with was the Dahlia Cafe au Lait. I had one in a large pot outside my back door and swooned every time I looked at it. It flowered from early July right through to the first snow in November. I thought that nothing could surpass that beauty….but something has. This year I bought a few Dahlia Labyrinth tubers, and the first flower has just come through. I wish I had bought more. This flower is magnificent! Feast your eyes!

Dahlia Labyrinth - up close
Dahlia Labyrinth – up close

This morning I dropped in a large bunch of flowers to the pre-school my youngest daughter goes to as they have a weekly delivery every Monday morning. I collected the bunch from last week and here it is one week on.

Large bunch - one week later
Large bunch – one week later

I must admit that I snipped off some campanula and foxglove flowers that were going a bit brown, and took the petals off the knautia so the round seed heads are exposed, but have done nothing else at all. I’m so pleased with how it looks after a whole week without a water change. Which has lead me to wonder how much changing the water has an effect on the longevity of the flowers. I never change the water at home (bold!), but I do top it up as some flowers can be really thirsty. This week I am going to put together 2 identical small bunches of flowers and keep them in the same place, change the water in one every second day, but do nothing with the other. It will be interesting to see the difference in the length of time the flowers stay looking good.


Slug invasion
A busy summer!

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