British flowers week, website launch and sowing biennials

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Welcome to British Flowers Week! New Covent Garden Flower Market started British Flowers Week 3 years ago in an effort to raise awareness about the wonderful flowers that are grown right here in the UK. There are events taking place all over the UK and to see what’s on near you, have a look at their website. I’m going to go the Green & Gorgeous open day in Oxfordshire tomorrow and am eager to see how such a large flower farm works. On that topic, last Saturday I spent a very flowery morning with Claire Brown from PlantPassion on her farm near Guildford. It was great seeing how her farm has developed after 4 years of growing there, and how many different varieties of flowers she has in bloom this time of the year. We had lots of fun arranging freshly picked flowers from her farm, and I came away with some great tips on both flower arranging and growing. Hopefully I will avoid bud drop on my sweet peas as a result! She also kicked me into biennial sowing mode. I had done a few trays of foxgloves, but that was it. So today I got busy sowing sweet williams, icelandic poppies, aquilegia, more foxgloves and some anthriscus ravenswing. I also did a few trays of craspedia and ping pong scabious for a wedding in October, along with more ammi majus, because I don’t think I can ever have enough of that! I usually use New Horizon peat free compost, but had run out, so I picked up some Sylvagrow compost from Wisley on the way home from Claire’s. It is lovely stuff and it will be really interesting to see if there is much difference between how the New Horizon foxgloves and Sylvagrow foxgloves progress.

Finally, I have officially started taking orders online this week and am delighted to have had a few orders for delivery placed already. Thank you Vicky & Helen! I decided to launch during British Flowers Week and have put flowers and business cards in various businesses locally.  If you are around Holmer Green and surrounding areas this week, keep your eyes open for lonely bouquets, as I will be leaving small bunches of flowers around for people to find and take home.



Chelsea Fringe Henley flower market
First deliveries!

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